Photosynthesis is a complex series of reactions carried out by algae, phytoplankton, and the leaves in plants, which utilize the energy from the sun. All the oxygen that is necessary to maintain most forms of life just happens to come about during this process. Class: VII-th • Biology / What happens to the end product of photosynthesis-What happens to the end product of photosynthesis-July 12, 2020 gaurav 0 comments #9. 1.Glucose-glucose is used up by the cell after the formation or it is stored in the form of starch that is polysaccharide in the plant. This requires products of the light dependent reactions to function. This means they are produced at the end of photosynthesis. What molecule absorbs sunlight for photosynthesis? The Products. Class: VII-th Biology. On the other hand, respiration happens all the time as long as a living creature is alive. true. The cells found in both plants and animals need to produce energy. Photosynthesis occurs in membrane-bound structures called the chloroplasts. Chemical energy harvested during the light-dependent drive the assembly of sugar molecules from carbon dioxide. Cellular respiration uses glucose and oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis happens during the day time because the plants require sunlight to produce energy. The reactants of photosynthesis are carbon dioxide and water, meaning during photosynthesis carbon dioxide and water are taken in to create energy. cdurden3131. The reactants of cellular respiration are glucose (sugar) and oxygen, these are taken in by animals and humans to produce energy.. water and carbon dioxide. How is this possible? Photosynthesis DRAFT. ... What are the products of photosynthesis? The main one is glucose along with that oxygen also will be released. What is produced by the plant cell during photosynthesis? Essentially, oxygen is a waste product of the light reactions of photosynthesis. The raw materials of photosynthesis, water and carbon dioxide, enter the cells of the leaf, and the products of photosynthesis, sugar and oxygen, leave the leaf. Photosynthesis involves the use of energy from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce glucose and oxygen. The calvin cycle can happen at night. The products of photosynthesis are glucose and oxygen. The relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration is such that the products of one system are the reactants of the other. 0. Glucose, the food of plants, can be used to store energy in the form of large carbohydrate molecules. What happens in the light independent reactions? 69% average accuracy. 606 times. It is a ‘‘leftover’’ from a necessary part of the process. Biology. 3 years ago. oxygen and glucose. The products of photosynthesis are glucose and oxygen. false. Photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide and water and combine them in the presence of energy from the sun to make food for the organism. 8th - 12th grade. answer choices . The oxygen is released, or “exhaled”, from leaves while the energy contained within glucose molecules is used throughout the plant for growth, flower formation, and fruit development. Oxygen has been described as a ‘‘waste product’’. Trees produce energy via … When plants respire, they take in carbon dioxide from the air which aids them in preparing food (glucose). Photosynthesis uses energy from light to convert water and carbon dioxide molecules into glucose (sugar molecule) and oxygen (Figure 2). Glucose is a simple sugar molecule which can be combined with other glucose molecules to form … They take in carbon dioxide and oxygen through pores in their leaves called stomata. Cross section of a leaf, showing the anatomical features important to the study of photosynthesis: stoma, … ... and the energy from the sun to produce a simple sugar such as glucose and oxygen molecules as a by product. Photosynthesis only happens when light is available, but plants are always undergoing a process called respiration. answer choices .

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