Then, extract it. While a little less friendly at face value, it offers a similar ability to revert the game and mods to their base state upon revising your list. That's why we made the backup earlier, just in case. If you download the "all in one" it is indeed not properly archived for installation. A popup should appear asking you if you wish to edit the list. While you're at it, want them to put out more light? You must download the base, Download mlox. If you have a toaster, you might want to skip most of this section. You can read about the official add-ons here. Here are some other mods you might want to try. As well, I find MCC leveler (inspired by GCC and MADD) to be the best leveling system for my personal tastes (Others certainly exist though). Then, copy and paste these into your MO2 Profile's INI file, over-writing the default [FontColor] section. I've fixed that in this version. A few extra mods to add even more to the dialogue of the game: Alternatives, for potions and scrolls you may want. The README, License and other info can be found in the rest of the repo. Basic Functions allow for widescreen, higher resolution, and anti-aliasing, among other functions. Constant 0.382. mlox is the Morrowind equivalent of LOOT or BOSS, and should go into its own folder in your Morrowind install. Then, run MGEXEgui. This isn't just hearsay, this is true of every Bethesda game Morrowind and forward. How the fan-made Total Conversion Mod aims to recreate The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind within Skyrim's Creation Engine, from the ground up. Assuming you didn't rename it, it's under Morrowind/Mod Organizer 2/Profiles/Default/Morrowind.ini. Note that some of this stuff (belts, rings, amulets) won't actually appear on your character model. Note that mods not on the nexus (like the various links to .ZIP or .7ZIP files) can be and should be installed via Mod Organizer 2 as well. Redoran Interior2. If seeing girl Khajiit nipples bother you, you should consider activating New Beast Bodies Khajit - Clean below, and make sure it overrides Robert's bodies. We currently do not have a reccommended load order for Morrowind 2020. If you can take the performance hit of per-pixel lighting, try, Finally, and only when you're satisfied with your distant land generation, install. If you used the animated Kwama earlier, you should also take 04 or 05. Before you continue: I would highly recommend launching the game for a second time. If you want to avoid wereguars, skip LGNPC Pelagiad. You can change the order of mods in the left-hand pane and right-hand pane at any time. You should get the latest version of it from. Point it to Morrowind's folder and Mlox if you like, and the "Mod Archives" can just be any random folder, doesn't matter which one. If you're using the LeFemm official plugin for Bethesda, install the patch for that as well. Knowledge is power! However...that won't work here in a virtualized environment. Bloatspore retexture - We already have a better bloatspore mesh, so just get the 'simple retexture' file. They are well optimized and quite beautiful. You can delete the .jpg files, don't need them anymore. A good tool for the average player. Ken's Test Hole I personally do not mod, but I have looked around the internet & have not found any talk of must have mage mods. This breaks the game. Extract it in your game directory and run 'Morrowind Code Patch.exe'. Installing mods through both will cause issues. Better Morrowind Armor - This needs more detailed install instructions: First, extract the archive. It provides an "Install Mod From Archive" button in the top left that will handle this for you, with a couple exceptions I mention in the guide. Not to toot my own horn, but I released a mod last month which I personally use for playing mages now: To add to Melchior's post, I'd also add in Full Fledged Dagon Fel Mage's Guild By Half11, which adds a new chapter of the Mage's Guild, complete with a number of quests, to Dagon Fel. Mlox has many warnings which you should safely ignore. If you want to avoid that error message, you can set it to run as administrator on your own. First, download this mod. Some of the websites used in this guide are only in Russian. Want to be a wizard? Choose between the following three options. Raym's You'll want to choose a "PORTABLE" install (unless you're much more familiar with MO2 and know what you're doing) and when it asks you about which game you want to manage, navigate to the Steam/steamapps/common/Morrowind folder. I don't recommend messing with shaders at this time, and don't even bother clicking on the Distant Land tab; that's going to be one of our final steps. yooksi - for doing an insane amount of work. MORRA BUF - MORe ReadAble Bigger UI Fonts - This is an alternative to Better Dialogue Font if you dislike the "Magic Cards" font. Note that "tribunal required" actually has 3 sub-packages. If you do decide to change anything, make sure to follow the instructions closely and rename the files properly. 3.6 When your distant land generation is finally complete, you'll have a lot more options in MGE XE to play with. Any errors while moving around? No references to other ingame video replacement yet. Absorb Magicka is a magic effect that temporarily transfers Magicka from an adversary to the caster. To do this, first download the "Manual Installation Archive". Compare the screenshots from both modpages and see what looks more visually appealing to you. ToddTest To fix it, you must find a backup of Morrowind.ini and use it to replace the (now broken) one in Mod Organizer 2/Profiles/Your Profile Name Here (Likely 'Default')/Morrowind.ini. I will instruct you on which plugins to clean later in this guide. Original mod this was based on can be found here (Do not download this). Alternatively, there is some work to support Morrowind by the LOOT team here and contributions are highly welcome. Pick MQ (1024) or HQ (2048), your choice. Run MGEXEgui, choose your resolution and settings from the first tab (don't forget to click the Auto FOV button). Various tweaks and fixes - Optionally, if you hate the glow effect that Robe Overhaul adds to some robes, you can download Blank Glow Maps for Robe Overhaul. However, I have no way of knowing immediately which disables would be pointless, so I'm leaving them in for now. Please, PLEASE read the mod pages for the following mods. I used the flowerless version of the mesh with browner bark. Each shape (even within a single mesh file) requires its own draw call. If you want to try a sound overhaul mod later (like Morrowind Acoustic Overhaul) make sure to check 'Scripted music uninterruptible' and 'Separate axe inventory sounds'. This is bad for performance and is one of the game's primary FPS bottlenecks. Building Up Uvirith's Legacy - This mod is a major revamp of Uvirith's Grave, which is the area surrounding Tel Uvirith. Accessories. HOWEVER: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JUST CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE LOAD ORDER! For each save, all of its masters should appear in blue. Better Robes - If you plan to use Animated Morrowind, download the separate patch for that as well. At this time it looks like it MIGHT have some compatibility issues with LGNPC Indarys. Native HiRez fix 1, 2, 3 (Fixes missing, just put it into the textures folder of whichever of these fixes mods has a textures folder). UI Expansion - Expands UI functionality with searching, filtering, and more visual feedback. As with each Elder Scrolls title, players start The Elder Scrolls III as a prisoner, transported from the Imperial capital to the eastern province of Morrowind, the homeland of the Dunmer elves. Because we're using MO2, the order you install and enable mods is meaningless. The mod still has its problems, which the team is quick to admit, but it's also the most significant step toward real Morrowind multiplayer that has ever been made. You might also try out shaders. Now I like how you can dual wield in Skyrim. Graphic Herbalism - MWSE Edition - By default, plants in Morrowind act as containers: when you activate them, the container interface opens and you can remove any ingredients that might be present 'inside' the plant. There are a few mods that revamp Rethan Manor, but nothing really spectacular stands out. Dark Brotherhood Delay - Player's Choice - Delays the Tribunal main quest from starting until either a level condition is met, or you've completed the main quest depending on what option you choose. flora_bush_01 replacer - Get the 1.3 file, and I highly recommend grabbing the 1k texture optional file because 2k textures for a bush is a little overkill. Open Wrye. You don't need to get the dragonscale armor textures. If you have a toaster, you probably shouldn't mess with the default settings much; instead, launch the game and see how it runs for you with the basic settings, and with shaders, before messing with anything here. Has compact and expanded views. Right click anywhere in the plugins list under "Masters" on the right side. For your own safety downloading files anywhere on the web (especially a site where you cannot easily read the text), I highly recommend you install a competent ad-blocker like uBlock Origin. Magicka is the character resource that is used to fuel spells in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You won't need to do this much for Morrowind. However, it is a far better tool than most of them and is the tool of choice for this guide. However, it does form a good baseline and has some information still relevant you can at least look into if it warns you. Only choose one. (Note: This guide does not use Rebirth). If this bothers you, you can remove this message by going into Mlox_base.txt, and removing the section for the Patch Project.