Five of the seven have already sounded as evidenced by critical moments in recent history, and a third world war, which is the triggering event of the sixth trumpet, may have already begun. Watch Revelation: The End of Days season 1 episode 2 Online Road to Babylon : What if the apocalyptic prophecies of the Bible were to unfold today? As the world is ripped apart by a sequence of horrifying catastrophes, a TV reporter and his cameraman embark on an epic road trip across war-ravaged America. Revelation: The End of Days. Revelation: The End Of Days on DVD (031398214540) from A&E. Watch Now Also On History Espanol How To Order Pawn Stars Mountain Men Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper American Pickers … Director: . Dec 23, 2014 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Granted, there will come a day when the Earth will no longer be capable of supporting life, but we're not there yet, and when it does come, it won't be due to some mythic end times apocalypse. Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (). The Final Seven Years. 7 End Times Prophesies from Revelation Among the scriptures in Revelation lies a pivotal prophesy with the Seven Seals, which lead us step-by-step to the second coming of Jesus Christ. $11.95. Revelation: The End of Days is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). Subscription is pre-paid and auto-renews monthly for $4.99/mo until canceled. THE END OF THE WORLD will see 'life turn upside down' according to the Pope, who may just be the final part of the jigsaw if a bizarre 900-year-old prophecy is right. WTF happened to the History Channel? item 3 Revelation: The End of Days on DVD ~ Widescreen ~ History Channel ~ New Sealed!! Directed by Mark Lewis. This is a documentary done by the History Channel. A Bible believing Christian would say this was truth followed by fiction. The seven seals (Revelation (6:1-17, 8:1-5), seven trumpets (Revelation 8:6-13; 11:15-19), and seven bowls/vials (Revelation 16:1-21) are three succeeding series of end-times judgments from God. Watch full episodes of Revelation: The End of Days and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at For instance, last night the History Channel showed the premier of Revelation, The End Of Days, followed immediately by a program that suggested the great flood of Noah was caused by aliens. Interpretation of biblical prophecies. Today's programming consisted of: Nostradamus, Revelation, End of Days, Bible Code, UFOs, Jesus, and UFO Jesus. History Channel's Revelation: End Of Days Blasphemy Last night I watched the History Channel's "Revelation: End of Days" event. Posted by u/[deleted] 11 years ago. Revelation: The End of Days, DVD, Faith Based-Documentaries, 031398214540 It is called "Revelation: The End of Days" and looks to be a dramatization of the Trib. | Trailer . The mainstream teaching on the two witnesses of Revelation teaches that they will be literal people sent down from heaven to preach to the world for a literal 1260 days, or 3 and a half years. The opening of the seventh vial coincides with the breaking of the sixth seal and the sounding of the seventh trumpet – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Revelation 11:15). It was absolutely stupid. The end time revelations have one more crucial part that explains what the signs of the end times are, including when they will take place. DOOMSDAY 2012: THE END OF DAYS undertakes a sweeping examination of these fateful forecasts. Dec 24, 2014 #1 of 13 Drucifer Well-Known Member. - Revelation: The End of Days on DVD ~ Widescreen ~ History Channel ~ New Sealed!! There are prophecies and oracles from around the world that all seem to point to December 21, 2012 as doomsday. I would give it ten stars if I could!!! The two-night, four-hour event brings to life six fictional characters’ firsthand accounts of the “End of Days” events. The History Channel has been a great promoter of the 2012 topic. Their goal? Archived. Action . Christian rebel leader John Adams hijacks the news to reveal that he has risen from the dead and there will be one more test from God. During this hour, consider the ancient Mayan Calendar, the medieval predictions of Merlin, the Book of Revelation and the Chinese oracle of the I Ching, all highlighting the same terminal date. History Channel: Doomsday 2012: The End of Days. History really needs to change the name of their channel to "Bullshit." Revelation: The End of Days is a gripping, dramatic interpretation of how the ancient prophecies of The Book of Revelation could unfold in our modern world. I watched it two times and my friend watched it six times. And the mainstream view is that the two last day witnesses will be either Moses, Enoch or Elijah. Where do I stream Revelation: The End of Days online? Invest for Retirement Investing Resources 401(k) Plans Roth IRAs, Backdoor Roths, Mega Backdoor Roths HSA Plans 529 Plans Complexity vs Simplicity Investing Resources 401(k) Plans Roth IRAs, Backdoor Roths, Mega Backdoor Roths HSA Plans 529 Plans Complexity vs Simplicity History Channel - Revelation: The End of Days - DVD (2015) for $12.30 from Documentaries - Order by Phone 1-800-336-4627 Revelation: The End of Days - Martin Figures Out It's the End of Days | History. You must cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges. Revelation: The End of Days - History Channel Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by Drucifer, Dec 24, 2014. And not just children will disappear but all true believers will be raptured, or caught up in the air, before the tribulation period. Free shipping. Prophetic Signs We Are In The Last Days end times, rapture, the rapture, the end of the world, antichrist, prophecy, end times news, end of days, revelation, when will the world end, last days, prophecy in the news, apocalypse, doomsday and much more. Revelation: The End of Days Poster. Why bother calling it history when it is obviously fiction and supposedly a prediction of future events by a book that couldn't describe the world around it or one basic scientific reality. It is totally cited with the word appearing on the screen. This one screened on Jan 21 & 22. See full summary». item 4 REVELATION: THE END OF DAYS USED - VERY GOOD DVD - REVELATION: THE END OF DAYS USED - VERY GOOD DVD. Read More. When the news breaks that countries surrounding Israel are going to invade, Martin uses this as proof that this is the End of Days. Trailer. The History Channel has a two-night special event (four hours!) The following is a synopsis of Revelation, The End Of Days, Part I. About Youtuber This video Channel is an end times signs update,FOR the latest end times events. starting Monday December 29 at 9PM Eastern. Not only was it stupidly filmed in the style of "footage found" (a la Blair Witch Project, and even mentions "This is … This is the most awesome movie I … 6 3 3 1 1336. More End Of The World, History & Events and History Channel DVDs available @ DVD Empire. While the "symbolic history" view (above0 was more-or-less the official view of Revelation adopted by the medieval church, there continued to be literalist readings throughout the Middle Ages. No. The last days (also referred to as the End Time or the Great Tribulation) is a period of roughly 3 1/2 years or 42 months (Revelation 11:2 - 3) that will shortly come upon the entire earth.It will a time, just before Jesus' Second Coming, when the Beast and the False Prophet will rule the world through their counterfeit version of God's kingdom.. Feb 12, 2009 NY Hudson... 29th & 30th December 2014 History Channel 1 person likes this. I following it through the bible. Revelation: The End of Days (TV Mini-Series 2014) ... the end of days is religious propaganda disguised as entertainment. Revelation The End of Days. The series first aired on December 29, 2014. Close. WTF happened to the History Channel? The Bible indicates in Revelation that seven trumpets will sound before the end of the age and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 9,489 248. Interpretation of biblical prophecies. By activating, you agree that you want to enable cloud technology to access your Xfinity Stream subscription on additional supported devices like computers and tablets, as well as the TV connected to your set-top DVR … This is neither the "End of Days", nor any other similar scenario. Revelation: The End of Days is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. 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