TimeSignatures. To order (minimum order two reeds please) just click on "buy this item" next to the picure below. Buy It Now. Start Shopping. Quick View. Quick View. SKU: ZZZ123 Categories: All Gifts , Bassoon Gifts , Bassoon Reed Cases , Oboe Gifts , Oboe Reed Cases BASSOON REEDS. "Thanks so much for prompt delivery and excellent selection - I've never been able to play a reed straight from the box before :-) Every single note seems to be in tune (not something I'm used to on a Puchner!) $3.5 Shipping. Please feel free to browse our photo galleries and product pages to select the perfect reed case for your saxophone, clarinet, oboe, or bassoon. Reeds 'n Stuff. Do this by pulling and turning as you did before. Check out the Quick Guide to Bassoon Reed Tuning which is available from double reed specialty shops and reeds of multiple shape designs available from Arundo Reeds and Cane. Handmade basoon reeds. Legere Reeds Bassoon Synthetic Reed. 4.5 of 5 stars (14 Reviews) In the next coming months Accurate Double Reed, which it is now called, will be putting out a new catalog and also creating a functional, prof… Save 8% at checkout. Quick View. Out of stock. First rate, extremely well made reeds. Condition: New. Bassoon Reed. Harris Reed Case is home to beautifully handcrafted and custom-made reed cases for oboe, English horn, bassoon, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone. Oboe & English Horn 12-Reed Case. by DUKOVREEDS. For me, these reeds are excellent in every respect. You will get a Paypal notification when the reeds are posted - please keep an eye out for this and let me know when the reeds arrive. Bassoon Reeds. Location: Orlando,FL,USA. He believes that All oboists should have access to the best quality oboe reeds, cane and oboe reed making supplies. I am writing to inform the double reed community that the double reed division has been taken over and is in the process of being overhauled. To order (minimum order two reeds please) just click on "buy this item" next to the picure below. Price €19.00. Deluxe Oboe reed Tool- Oboe Shaper Tip- No. The product page for all reeds and cane made by bassoonists Jarrett Rodriguez and Dillon Meacham at unbeatable prices. Andreas Eastman Bassoon Reeds. $5 Shipping. Open quick view dialog for Legere Reeds Bassoon Synthetic Reed. Shipping charges are 10 for single reeds or multiple reed orders So, purchase 4 reeds and shipping is $10 - purchase 1 reed and shipping is $10 . not rated $ 0.25 Select options. Woodwind, Instrument, Maker, Specialist, oboe, oboes, reeds, hautbois, clarinet, sax, bassoon, flute Top Rated. I recently played in a concert including Firebird and Mozart D minor Piano Concerto at The Cadogan Hall and they worked a treat. Bassoon Reed Vial and Plug 3/4" x 4 1/8" clear plastic tube with plug, includes cotton for padding. It has no ventilation, so it is not suitable for use as an everyday reed case. Buy It Now. Quick View. ©2020 by DADT Reeds The Meacham and Rodriguez reeds, as well as our selections of cane, are entirely processed and hand finished ourselves from tube cane using our own equipment and come in various shapes depending on the maker. Customize your case with your name initials for free! All A.Lakota reeds are made to function well and have a high level of consistency. From shop TimeSignatures. Bassoon - Cane & Processed Cane. Mystery Reed Case for Bassoon Reeds Sale! Custom Bassoon 40-Reed Case. Quick View. Price $25.00. Fill in your requirements and let me know what make of bassoon you play on as well as the make and length of the crook you use in the Instructions/Comments field. Open quick view dialog for Andreas Eastman Bassoon Reeds. R.L. Welcome to KenKase Music. Price $165.00. Bassoon reeds you will love as much as we do. Does not fit contra reeds. We’ll make a reed case from YOUR new or antique cigarette case, tin lozenge box – almost anything that will fit your reeds! Bassoon Reed,Bassoon reed case,Bassoon Reed Protective Case,Durable Reeds Holder Box Container Box for 3/6Pcs Bassoon Reeds Medium Instrument Accessories (PU Leather Case for 3pcs Reeds) 4.1 out of 5 stars 18. DUKOV REEDS. PU Leather Case for 3pcs Reeds $15.79 $ 15. NEW. ... Big Sky Reeds will ship your order within three days of placing your custom order. additional details . Custom Bassoon Reed Case. Available in several styles, playing levels, and cane sources: Rieger, Rigotti, Danzi, Donati, Gonzalez. 2& 3 DISCONTINUED ITEM Prestini RRP £190 SPECIAL EBAY PRICE £100 supreme. cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cleaning-disinfection.html. Bassoons are double-reed woodwind instruments that utilize unique (and somewhat unusual) reeds. Close By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. $ 49.95 $ 29.97 Select options Black Leather Case for 3 Bassoon Reeds $ 44.95 Select options Black Leather Case for 5 Bassoon Reeds $ 54.95 Select options Cosmic Sun Case for 3 Bassoon Reeds How to Make Bassoon Reeds. They are wonderful! "The reeds are great, thanks! Ribbon style reed holdings. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM. . Author of the new eBook "Making Reeds Start to Finish with George Sakakeeny." Prices are $20 per custom reed. First soak your reeds on the mandrel tips for at least a few hours. Condition: New. × 5 out of 5 stars. If you need reeds urgently let me know and I will try to help. quantity discount: minimum 6 reeds -3% quantity discount: minimum 12 reeds -5% Compare Compare Now site8prodJ17215. The CDC has said that current evidence shows that COVID, “may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials,” so by delaying the shipping process hopefully any risk, however small, can be eliminated. Gonzalez Classic Alto Saxophone Reeds Box of 10 Strength 3. 1/1. CUSTOM REED BLANKS. THE QUALITY FOUNDATION TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE. We carry a selection of professional, handmade bassoon reeds for sale for the most discerning of players. Bassoon reed tubes. Guaranteed. Hand Made bassoon reeds. We are all facing these challenging times together! Of course, what qualifies as a ‘satisfactory’ reed partly depends on what the bassoonist is looking for, but there are some basic rules to bear in mind when selecting and optimising any bassoon reed. Product Description Bassoon or English Horn Reed Wire - 24 gauge Bassoon or English Horn Reed Wire 24 gauge. We guarantee your happiness. Will certainly be ordering from you again. Rather than waste your time making bad reeds due to inexperience, find a good reed maker whose reed style and reed shape works for you. Bassoon Reeds Légère synthetic bassoon reeds were the first orchestral grade synthetic double reed ever produced. Blues and turquoise hues. Fill in your requirements and let me know what make of bassoon you play on as well as the make and length of the crook you use in the Instructions/Comments field. COVID NOTICE: Due to COVID, I have improved my disinfecting procedures. For the reassurance of our customers, we confirm that none of the reeds we sell have been tried by ourselves or any of our prospective customers, and have been packed with great care with regard to the protection of our customers. Custom Made Bassoon Reeds good for all ranges. These quality reeds are also the best choice for students, as beginners will get much better results from handmade reeds than machine-made, mass-produced reeds. I’m going to set about playing them in of course, but thank you so much – these reeds are really wonderful. The wires are essentially the bassoon equivalent of a ligature (clarinet/sax etc) so you want them nice and tight! Shop Now. CUSTOM EDITIONs by Dukov Reeds /10 pieces/ Out of stock. Then, the reed is placed in an airtight tube and left to sit for three days before shipping. "Received the reeds and tried them out – never had such luck trying them straight out of the box before! Order 20 or … Custom initial bassoon reed case - 4 reeds . Many thanks. Custom Bassoon Reeds. Very happy indeed. You can order Baroque Bassoon Reeds based on Five shapes: the Rieger 25, B5B, B6, the Fox AB/E, and the Reeds’n Stuff BF. After each reed is completed, I gently clean the surfaces, then fully soak it in an EPA approved disinfectant solution before air drying. 32. Custom Reed Soaker Cup | Pop Top Lid | Bassoon, Oboe, Clarinet | 50ML | 2.5 Inches | Pink, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Black. Lewis Lipnick, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington. 4.0 of 5 stars (10 Reviews) Starting at $139.95. Handmade bassoon reeds and cane. Multiple options for both beginners and professionals at affordable ... Price $50.00. They really match what I was looking for and give me renewed confidence in being able to find decent reeds! Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery as I make reeds in batches and stages and allow them to settle and thus delivery time will vary. 10 high quality bassoon reed blanks from Ruiz cane /dukov_reeds Rz/ Price €54.90. Shop and save on the 812 Custom Bassoon at Woodwind & Brasswind. J.B. "Thanks for the four reeds. Double Reed Supplies - Custom bassoon reed hand rests, Reed-making tools - spiral reamers, scoring tools, mandrels, drying boards I have not contacted you before this since I wanted to let them play in a bit. Due to COVID, I have improved my disinfecting procedures. Good luck with all your reeds! DUKOV REEDS. Hand engraved custom initials, 4 piece, red, wooden bassoon reed case with magnetic closure. Load More. Read our cookie policy. Plastic bassoon reed tubes with assorted colored caps. Excellent for all levels. Played beautifully right out of the box, so to speak, with only a minor tweak to the wires. BASSOON REEDS. The material bassoon reeds are made from (giant cane reed), and their delicate design, means that reeds will sometimes need adjusting before they will play satisfactorily. E.B.". Custom Bassoon Reed Case - Holds 5 Reeds $ 25. Please contact us on our contact page for special order details at the time of your order. The Légère bassoon reed responds instantly from the box. If you would like to order a case, please email Dave Kennedy, and we’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect reed case. Custom made and tested bassoon reed in excellent quality. Oboe Reed Tool Case $ 49.99. 24 gauge (.51mm diameter) can be used for English horn reeds for extra support or for bassoon reeds where the scrape is light, leaving a significant amount of cane on the reed. The Rieger 25 is used for numerous copies of historical instruments, the B5B works well with both the Wolf Eichentopf and Scherer models, the B6 works best with the Wolf HKICW, while the Fox AB/E is a custom design intended for the Eichentopf model by Peter de Koningh. ... 3 bassoon reeds. . Aaron Lakota provides oboe reeds, English horn reeds, oboe cane and oboe accessories to oboists of all levels. Used for shipping or storing one dry bassoon reed. Even if you have done this before always enter this information as it saves hours of digging through emails. Then start by tightening all three wires. Patent PendingThe bassoon reed case, revamped!! Location: Saint Paul,MN,USA. Price $35.00. New!! They deliver consistency, durability and instant response without ever needing to moisten or soak it. Engraving options available. (16) 16 … We build custom, handcrafted wood reed cases and guitar pick cases. We also offer the latest iteration of Legere bassoon reeds, whose sleek space-age polymer design ushers in a new era in durability and longevity, as well as custom G/S/P bassoon cane. After each reed is completed, I gently clean the surfaces, then fully soak it in an EPA approved disinfectant solution before air drying. I recently resumed playing bassoon after several years of only oboe and English horn playing and found myself in need of reeds. You will receive an email asking for this information but no need to answer this again if the full info is in the order. Accurate Double Reed Used to be called "Satco, then "Accurate Manufactured Products Group, Inc." From an e-mail we received: My name is Alex Goldberg and I represent Accurate Manufactured Products Group formerly known as Satco. BassoonReeds_DSC03772_crop. Our popular Harris oboe reeds are available in various levels, ranging from student (soft) to … All of them produce a lovely rich sound, and even though they are free blowing, the upper register is clear and stable." Choose two letter and choice of script. Quick View. Best for: beginners, students and amateurs practice and public performance Reed features: very comfy to play, easy response Resistance: soft / medium Cane density: soft / medium dense Manufacturing your reeds will take 6-8 weeks. 79. Sealed with wax for durability. Custom Bassoon 5-Reed Case. Exclusive to Florida Reeds.Case Features Include:Unmatched ventilation - The best ventilation of any reed case currently on the market!! 1. Special Orders welcome. New!! If you have any concerns or questions regarding the disinfecting process please contact me. Will definitely be coming to you in the future!"
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