They are beautiful birds that have a lot to offer, rich in beauty, sounds, behavior, and history to learn. If ever a single plant could symbolize our exotic, sub-tropical locale, it would be this one. Apply a good granular fertilizer in spring, summer and autumn, supplemented with bone meal and liquid fertilizer for best results. This large, upright plant adds a rich, tropical flair to your space as its glossy, banana-shaped leaves fan out. or Best Offer. Design by Unleaded.Digital, Jack's Classic Houseplant Special Fertilizer, Osmocote Plus Outdoor and Indoor Plant Food. 88 In the spring, plants are often smaller than plants shipped in the fall. There are two kinds, this traditional orange bird of paradise and Giant Bird of Paradise which is quite a bit larger and blooms a white flower. This gorgeous, small Strelitzia from southern and eastern South Africa has short, dividing, underground rhizomes that produce a dense cluster of leathery, glaucous leaves, creating a bushy appearance. The plants do best in Zone 10, but can be container-grown in Zone 9B and moved indoors when cold snaps hit. It reliably reblooms and although the blooms are sporadic, they last for weeks. Indoor houseplant fertilizers fall into two groups: water soluble quick release, and granular slow release fertilizers. This lovely is a florist’s dream and can bring it’s beauty indoors quite well, so you can be confident about taking a spray to a friend living in an apartment. Its attractive large pointy leaves remain dark green in color with curious bluish-green undersides throughout the year. Indoors as a houseplant, orange bird of paradise rarely blooms. Long-lasting cut flowers. These are seen all around the streets and homes of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County, and San Diego. Orange Bird of Paradise Strelitzia reginae for Sale Online. | Orange Bird of Paradise. Try to avoid an area with clay soil if planting outdoors to encourage better drainage. Bird of Paradise is usually seen at about 3 feet tall and have dark orangish-red flowers shaped like a bird. These "birds" make excellent container plants. Website Designed and Hosted by | Copyright 2015 * All Rights Reserved. 7175. Home The exotic flowers with three brilliant orange sepals and three bright blue petals emerge from a hard beaklike sheath at a right angle to the stem, giving the appearance of a bird's head. Bird of paradise. Orange birds are heavy feeders, so begin fertilizing a month after planting. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! This is a good reason to fill a saucer with pea gravel under the pot to allow excess water to completely drain from the pot after each watering. 11.1-Gallon Orange Bird Of Paradise Flowering Shrub in Pot (L3068) Item #459779 Model #15ORB. Plants designated with a sku ending in -4, or -3 will arrive in a standard 4 inch or 2.75 inch growers pot respectively. Tropical looking evergreen perennial valued for its unique bird-like orange, blue and white flower heads. Orange bird of paradise grows 4 feet tall and wide. No trimming is necessary other than to remove any browned leaves and stems. The flower petals and sepals emerge one at a time from a hard, beak-like bud, and look like a tropical bird's head peering over the foliage. Rating: 100 % of 100. Strelitzia reginae. Shop undefined 3.61-Gallon Orange Bird Of Paradise Flowering Shrub in Pot (L3068) in the Shrubs department at Lowe' Buy and sell locally. The Red Mexican Bird of Paradise is a medium to large growing shrub with bright orange/red flowers that show from late spring through the fall. The plant is stunning when it is in bloom. Its attractive large pointy leaves remain dark green in color with curious bluish-green undersides throughout the year. Save bird of paradise plants to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. *Pre-Order shipping will begin April 1st through April 15th weather permitting. It is relatively hardy and adapts to a wide spectrum of light conditions from direct … Strelitzia Bird Of Paradise Strelitzia, better known as the Bird of Paradise Plant, creates a tropical elegance with its large green leaves and magnificent flowers. Bird of paradise flowering Shrub brings a Tropical accent to your landscape. It is a member of the banana family (Musaceae) and comes from South Africa. Orange Bird Of Paradise features bold spikes of orange flowers with blue overtones rising above the foliage from late winter to late fall. Use a Zip Code to find plants for that area. Place away from housing structures to accommodate mature size. Hawaii Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Starter Plant Z 3.9 out of 5 stars 46. Lake City, FL. This unusual and popular houseplant is highly sought after and for good reason. Orange Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia reginae is an unusual and popular tropical houseplant that is highly sought after and for a good reason. With large grey-green banana-like leaves that stay attractive throughout the year, you'll always have a warm, tropical atmosphere in your home or apartment even when the temperature drops outside. Used as an accent, especially on patios or … From United States. Spectacular, bright orange and midnight-blue flowers resembling the face of a colorful crane surrounded by paddle-shaped, emerald-green leaves. All Tahitian Orange Bird of Paradise Plants for sale will vary in size. 2410 N. Crain Hwy, BOWIE, Maryland, United States, © 2021 Garden Goods Direct. But outdoors as a landscape plant (or if brought outside to summer outdoors in the sun), it can produce flamboyant, long-lasting flowers. The flowers tend to appear more on outer stems, so don't overcrowd it with other shrubs. They're slow growers to about 4 to 6 feet tall and wide, and are considered deer … Strelitzia nicolai Giant Bird of Paradise - 24" Box $399.99 $249.00 Strelitzia reginae Bird of Paradise - 5 Gal $24.99 $15.99 Azalea 'Red Bird' - 5 Gallon $23.99 $17.99 $35.88. 99 Outdoors, grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun to partial shade with shelter from strong winds. Before you buy an Orange Bird of Paradise, make sure to read about the recommended care instructions to keep this plant healthy and thriving. elegant, eye-catching- bird of paradise plants - $14 - can orange and purple go together?- in a bird of paradise flower, this unlikely color combination proves to be harmonious, beautful and eye-catching! This large, upright plant adds a rich, tropical flair to your space as its glossy, banana-shaped leaves fan out. The Orange Bird of Paradise is any easy way to add a classic touch of tropical décor to your home or office. Plant Spacing: Place these plants at least 3 feet apart give it enough room to fan out as it matures. Bird of Paradise - Orange, Crane Flower, Strelitzia reginae. Jack's Classic Indoor plant food works well as a powder, quick release fertilizer that is mixed with water to quickly provide nutrients to a plant that has been in a container for an extended time. SKU. Outdoors, they can go in full sun or some light shade. ORANGE BIRD OF PARADISE. Plant Care: Add top soil or organic peat moss to the hole when you plant. Shop a huge online selection at Bird of Paradise. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Shop great deals on Bird Of Paradise Plant. Bird of Paradise ,flowering … When grown indoors, Dwarf Orange Bird Of Paradise can be expected to grow to be about 30 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 24 inches. $10.99. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Any all purpose fertilizer will work for Orange Bird of Paradise Plants. The Bird of Paradise is considered the queen of the indoor plant world. Often seen in desert landscapes, semi-tropical yards and open commercial areas this shrub is one of the brightest flowering plants for any use in the Valley. 1. If placing by a walk or drive, come in about 4 or 5 feet. Transfer the orange bird of paradise from the growing container to a pot about the same size or slightly larger. Orange Bird of Paradise needs a very well draining soil, and prefer to have slightly dry conditions. Osmocote Indoor/Outdoor is an option as a granular, slow release fertilizer that can be applied while potting and planting.
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