Even then it’s strange because I downloaded the recent update four days ago with no problem and continued to use the PS4. If you have a number of Bluetooth devices connected to your PS4 and you’re having trouble connecting or your controller won’t connect at all, you may have a signal interference issue at hand. Keeping your precious PS4 files backed up to prevent any data loss that might occur in the event of a system failure. Because PS4 didn’t support the NTFS format of USB. My PS4 can’t see the to recognize the hard drive . I can’t find anything online about that error code and I have no idea what to do next. You can only use one extended storage device at a time. Scenario “I have got a 2TB USB external Seagate hard drive, formatted with NTFS and I want to employ it to backup my PS4. Googling this gives me a couple of results of people having the same problem with this particular HDD. If this doesn’t work still, it is either a compatibility issue between your storage device firmware and the PS4 system, or it’s a hardware issue—Either the PS4 USB ports are malfunctioning or the USB cable of the hard drive needs replacement. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver if you previously installed it How to clean install PS4 game controller driver in Windows10 Go to SEARCH, type DEVICE MANAGER and click that. If not, try another USB storage device. I’ve also rebuilt the database. Also Check: Top Gaming Keyboard And Mouse For PS4, Also Check: Top 5 Gaming Monitors For PS4, Also Check: Best USB Storage Device For PS4, One of the most common and annoying PS4 error messages is the one that says: “The USB storage device is not connected. Yes, I rebuilt, initialized and tested everything such as different usb things and they all connected, but NOT my external hard drive. • The USB port could be faulty. Verify that the external hard drive isn’t faulty. It worked with the stock Seagate HDD so I’m pretty sure it’s not the PS4. Hey guys, So I dropped my ps4 and when starting up my ps4 I got the SU-41333-4 error code. Full initialization might not work sometimes, so you’ll want to re-install PS4 system software. Connecting the USB storage device using a USB hub. But sometimes PS4 stops reading and remembering its files and USB drive. For example, you may need to move PS4 video files from USB to PC, transfer pictures to USB for later viewing. After removing the hub and connecting the device directly to the computer, it worked just fine. (Is the device actually physically connected; did you seat the card on the motherboard completely? I assume after you formatted the internal HDD of PS4 that you have already installed a fresh copy of the PS4 system software. Please answer this question so we can help you more, if needed. Just plug the drive to a computer running Windows 7 or higher, then. Why PS4 Can’t Read Or Recognize USB Flash Drive? I made sure the HDD is healthy..and formatted to correct format. The external HDD driver might be corrupted and thereby the PS4 system can’t install it. Just transfer straight for the game saves. They are often used for storing system images i.e system backups, Windows installation media or for any other personal use. it just says ” usb storage not connected”. Attempt to full-format it if it’s defective or if it has any bad sectors, and this should repair it. The PS4 has two ports on the front of the console; the Pro has two on the front and a third on the rear. No jingle, nothing in device manager or devices and printers, none of that. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device. How to make USB hard drive format compatible with PS4? Connect a USB storage device to the PS4 system. It was FAT32 format and I even tried formatting to ExFAT hoping that would resolve the issue and it didn’t. Connect the USB device to a PC and check whether it works or not. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable, then press the PS button." I used to have it sitting on top of the PS4, but then I thought it might be overheating, so I moved it to a few inches from the right of the PS4. Highly retarded.. Right-click on Start, click “Device Manager”. One of the simple methods of formatting a disk and solving PS4 is that the USB storage system is not attached to a mistake. I've tried reinstalling the drivers using the DS4 software, used many different USB cables and ports. If your USB drive is plugged into PS4 but it’s shown as not connected or PS4 keeps saying usb storage device not connected, you should consider the compatibility between them. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Apparently the PS4 hard drive is having bad sectors that causes this issue. This situation happens to all systems, whether on computers or game consoles. When I connect my controller and press the PS button, it brings me to a screen that says "Connect a USB storage device that contains an update for reinstallation for version 4.74 or later. It looks like he UNplugged the playstation was on. PS4 (PlayStation 4) is a console for gaming that comes with limited storage space. Source- lockerdome.com. Connect the USB storage device directly to your PS4™ system to use it as extended storage. The PS4 is not recognising the new HDD BUT still recognises the old one when I plug that in and before you ask.. Format NTFS Drive To FAT32 Via Windows Explorer, Link the USB drive to your device. 3. I then tried connecting usb flash sticks and the PS4 recognised them without any issues. You may set the label to the volume here. Downloaded the software from Playstation.com and put in proper PS4>UPDATE folder. I hit ok , then it says the USB storage device is not connected with a code (SU-41333-4) Reply. Even then it’s strange because I downloaded the recent update four days ago with no problem and continued to use the PS4. I’ve done everything,and I’m stuck in a safe mode option 7 loop..new drive,and system saying cant use USB device..dont know what to do now. In most cases that will eliminate bad sectors and restore the original performance of the hard drive. Your drive is built into NTFS in simple words and is not compatible with PS4. su-41333-4 I used it for applications only so I could easily re-download stuff. Below is how to update the device driver. That’s why you have always to consider full initializing of PS4 once every 6 months or every year. Your email address will not be published. Select a game. Then select Update From USB Storage Device and OK. So my external hard drive has always worked but just got unplugged on accident and now the PS4 isn’t reading it anymore and I’ve done virtually everything but initialize the PS4. So when I go to initialize with the safe mode option 7 it recognized my hard drive but after loading for a bit it says “Cannot Initialize (CE-33567-4). Published 24/09/2018. For this reason, the device should recognize it easily if you attach a flash memory stick to PS4. Step 3: Input “List disk”, and then press “Enter”, Step 4: Select the disk needs to be converted by inputting “select disk …”. Step 1: Click “Start”, and then select “Run” option. Open Windows Explorer, right-click on a USB drive, then click on “Type.”, It will cause another window to pop up. There was probably an electric shock occurred when that accident happened. Plugged in the USB and it started updating the system and got to 99% and froze. It then said to install USB with v8.03. Connect the DualShock 4” which I do and the it goes into Safe Mode and asks to Connect a USB device that contains an update file for reinstallation version 6.29 or later. It may be your wired or wireless connection, or your settings. If Windows cannot recognize of detect your USB device, it could be caused by the USB driver issues. All you can do is either to use another external HDD, or wait for a new update for the PS4 system software. It can only mean you need to patch corrupted system files because of that. There are many applications of external USB drive in PS4 when playing games. The screen design has been refreshed. How to Convert a USB Storage Device to FAT32 Convert a USB Storage Device to FAT32. I tried to forget it and reconnect but I don’t know if that’s my mistake. To move ahead, follow the onscreen motion. I already have a 1TB External HDD which works fine but is nearly out of space so upgraded to 2TB. The file system is not supported' without much effort. Screenshots and video clips; Saved data; Themes Have a question. This software recovers inaccessible or lost videos, recorded game videos, captured game screenshots, music audio from the PS4 USB flash drive. Do I need to send my playstation some where or what? I am in safe mode also. Here you can select the exFAT filesystem. ... • The connected external USB device could be entering selective suspend. However, when I plugged in the USB hard drive to my PS4, I was prompted by the message that “The USB storage device cannot be used.The file system is not supported. The set of files is not provided. You may fix this if you have Windows computer. An abrupt logical (programmatic) error within the PS4 system itself. If the USB flash is so, it will work directly with you without any problems. 4. CE 33567-4 indicates the external USB can’t be recognised then initialised for PS4 use, commonly it is caused by incompatible partition format. Wait for some time (about 30 ~ 60 minutes) to get the controller fully charged. This just happened to my son's ps4 and believe it or Not, it was the USB cord was bad!! Improper installation of a games/apps or its update. So if anyone is still on this and can help that would be great. Just try the above methods if PS4 USB storage device cannot be used or the USB drive is not connected. That is it — it’s not happening for any obvious cause. I have tried all the options and it still doesn’t work. So, if you have another file system in your USB storage, ps4 won’t recognize USB, and it won’t be able to use it. Is there any suggestion?” Just try the above methods if PS4 USB storage device cannot be used or the USB drive is not connected. After inserting the USB it says that there is no USB connected. Then just directs me to install software. But now I can’t re-install PS4 software from USB. Please visit this page and follow the instructions on how to format it. For a long time, the USB storage device will work fine, then suddenly, it would stop working, and this message would appear. Usually, it is suggested backing up the data to a USB storage device. Tried a third time and now I get error : The USB storage device is not connected (SU-41333-4). When I started it back up, instead of letting me log in per usual, it displayed a message saying "Cannot start the PS4. Have you FULL initialized PS4 (which includes re-installing the PS4 system software from scratch)? How can I fix this. Connect the drive to one of the USB 3.0 ports. So should I just try formatting the hard drive on PC and use it again as extended storage? The problem of USB Device not working in Windows 10 might be related to various issues, ranging from outdated device drivers and power management settings to USB devices not loading or inconsistently loading on a Windows computer. What exactly is happening with you? Switch the USB port. 2. I downloaded the update on the correctly formatted USB yet the playstation fails to read it giving me “The USB storage device is not connected SU-41333-4” message. Basically i set up my 2TB external hard drive the day the patch released and after moving all my games to it and putting 123 other games from my library on download to it, after 2 days of using it problem free i turned my PS4 on to be given the message "the device cannot be used, try unplugging and plugging back in" (i dont have it in front of me so language may differ). There are two reasons for this, Compatibility issue between the USB storage device and PS4; USB devices may not be properly connected to PS4 due … Sometimes this occurs because of the abuse of the PS4 USB port. , because older versions don’t support an external storage device. And if your ps4 doesn’t read USB, you can’t access files, so you can’t transfer any data because PS4 can’t use this USB storage device. In most cases, this error message only shows up with the USB storage devices used as an extended storage.For this reason, if you connect a flash memory stick to PS4, the system will easily recognize it. The following data is saved only to system storage, and cannot be saved to extended storage. In some cases, the user might get an alert message saying that "The USB storage device is not connected". If your USB drive comes with the NTFS file system, it’s not supported by the PS4 game console. I’ve turned the HDD off and on again, tried all the different USB-ports on the Ps4, no solution. I’ve pretty much tried everything tutorials say to do but nothing. PS4. You have to initialize the PS4 in order to work around this issue. I did a full initialization of my ps4 and its still not registering. Try to change the USB port. In some cases, there won't be any messages when the PS4 system stops responding to the external HDD connected … Connect your USB storage device to another device, such as your laptop or desktop computer. This can be caused by a faulty game/application file, or simply, just some PS4 system files got corrupted. Improper installation of PS4 system software update. Man guys I was freaking out too. “. Does anybody have any ideas? My computer detects all of the drives. This could have destroyed something between the PS4 and the hard drive, which caused PS4 to stop recognizing it. My situation is frustrating because it is neither the HDD or the PS4.. My sons PS4 is displaying this error and we cannot figure out how to fix it. Hence, don't partition, just add another external drive. Still, nothing at all. Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for re-installation for version 2.57 or later. The USB storage … The PS4 must recognize every USB storage device connected to it, and a message will show up telling you to format it. Right click the USB device and hit on “Format Partition”, then verify the “NTFS” as the new file system, click “Apply” in the toolbar to finish the formatting. YES I only plug one in at a time and YES I have checked the 2TB HDD on my laptop and it recognised fine. The PS4 was running fine until it heated up and shut off. The “The USB storage device is not connected” error message indicates that PS4 system is unable to recognize the USB storage device connected to it. Go to HUMAN INTERFACE DEVICES , Right click your USBinput Device and select update Driver Select BROWSE MY COMPUTER FOR DRIVER SOFTWARE . It say the USB storage Device is not connected. This accumulates lately and generate errors in the system functionality.
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