The log cabin quilts blocks can be seamed through a base fabric block as they are seamed to each other. The great thing about quilting as you go is that when it comes to finishing the quilt you are almost done. With the Love circle, I'll have 20 of these blocks to assemble in a 4 x 5 layout. Cut a 2 inches by 3 inches piece of fabric. I am very pleased with how they are looking. Ok, time to start attaching the blocks together! January 29, 2014. Each new log is added on perpendicular to the previous log, in a way that spirals continuously around the center square. Mod Log Cabin Tote - a Quilt As You Go Bag Project! The log cabin quilts blocks can be seamed through a base … So if you … Quilt-as-you-go Log Cabin On Saturday I went to a quilt-as-you-go class at Picture Patchwork in Latrobe. I chose straight lines spaced approximately 1/2" apart. Because we are working with 2" finished logs, the outer logs (which have one sewn edge and one raw edge) should be 2 1/4" wide. Or, you can connect the quilt back to the quilted top by tying it by hand. So, next is (2) 2.5" x 10.5", then (2) 2.5" x 12.5", and ending with (1) 2.5" x 14.5". Cut (2) 2.5" x 6.5" logs. Be sure to finish the quilting stitch beyond the pieces of fabric so that it will be covered with the following log of fabric. Here's the finished block- To make these … That’s it! This is the part I'll show you how to do in this tutorial. This week Rachel from Citrus and Mint put together a great log cabin quilt block tutorial and cutting instructions for making a 6″ x 6″ and 12″ x 12″ traditional Log Cabin quilt block. Nope. Press squares open. I am very pleased with how they are looking. Please see my disclosure for more details. You can cut with your fabric scissors or with your rotary cutter. You may want to add a sashing in between the blocks or above the blocks, this step is entirely optional. Cut (2) 2.5" x 4.5" pieces for your next 2 logs. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Quilt-as-you-go Log Cabin On Saturday I went to a quilt-as-you-go class at Picture Patchwork in Latrobe. This is optional. These are the next two you'll add to the log cabin, continuing in a spiral around center. What is Quilt-As-You-Go? Trim the next edge of the block, which should be perpendicular to the first trimmed edge. Be careful to cut your logs accurately to … Then, open the squares so that right sides are exposed. To start the second round of logs, choose a light fabric strip, different from those already used. Sew the two pieces of fabric together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Place squares right-sides together approximately at center of the batting. Cut strips of fabric (in a variety of colors and textures) 3 inches wide and 10 inches long aprox. the length will vary and you will be trimming these strips as you quilt along. It's my month to lead the quilt for the Love circle of do. I love the look of straight lines with quilt-as-you-go log cabins because you can make the lines spiral in the direction of the logs. Once the seam is nicely pressed you will do your first quilt as you go. Then, after you make the individual quilted blocks, you assemble the blocks with a normal 1/4" seam, pressing seams open, and then add the quilt backing at the end. Cut (2) 2.5" x 6.5" logs. Place the piece of fabric on the batting on a diagonal. Quilt should measure approximately 33” x 36” after squaring. Or, steady it with your hands to avoid shifting. The square on the left is the center of your log cabin block. It's always more accurate to avoid moving your block while squaring up! Last week’s block was a Churn Dash Block – you can find the tutorial here. Step 5a Repeat Steps 3a - 4g to stitch a second round (logs 5, 6, 7, and 8) of logs . To connect your quilt back to the assembled and already-quilted top, you can machine quilt just along the block seams using a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch (which is a good way to disguise any less-than-straight lines!). You will be sewing through the batting, permanently anchoring your squares in place. Add the next log (2.5" x 4.5") in the same way. Nothing fancy, nothing different, just a classic log cabin in a simple color palette, because it feels good. First of all lets gather all the materials we need, Cut a square 11 inches by 11 inches of the 100 % Cotton Batting. Add the third piece of fabric (the same width as the first pieces and as long as the other two pieces stitched together), stitch, press and quilt as you go (always in the middle of the log). I haven’t done a blog post in a while as I’ve been doing most of my posts via Quilting in the Rain Facebook or more recently, Instagram. I love how easy it is, I love that I don’t need to worry about the batting at the end of the piecing process and it feels great in my hands while I am working on my quilt 🙂 So, lets get started and let me show you how to make a quilt as you go log cabin quilt 🙂. Once assembled with other blocks, each block will finish at 14"! You can use the same stitching paths for an entire quilt top assembled from Log Cabin blocks, no matter how the blocks are oriented. For tips on how to finish quilt-as-you-go blocks, see this post. That will yield a modest throw quilt measuring 56" x 70". It's really helpful if your cutting mat is near the corner of your work table, so that you can walk around the table to cut from a different vantage point. Quilt-as-you-go Log Cabin On Saturday I went to a quilt-as-you-go class at Picture Patchwork in Latrobe. See more ideas about Log cabin quilt blocks, Log cabin quilts, Log cabin quilt. Straighten quilt as much as possible. I choose the straight furrows pattern for this one. Your email address will not be published. This time I just want to indulge in a project I've long wanted to do and probably never would tackle on my own - the quilt-as-you-go log cabin. Feb 7, 2019 - Explore Renee's board "quilt as you go log cabin" on Pinterest. I am very pleased with how they are looking. Then, align the trimmed edge with a vertical line on your cutting mat. These are the three blocks I managed to put together. Jan 10, 2017 - On Saturday I went to a quilt-as-you-go class at Picture Patchwork in Latrobe. You can but with fabric scissors or with the rotary cutter. Place the wrong side of the backing against the The next step is to quilt to a backing fabric and my favorite method is a stitch in the ditch. You can apply this same log cabin pattern process to many fabric combinations. Your email address will not be published. Begin by trimming one edge of the block so that the outer log is exactly 2 1/4" wide when measured from the previous seamline. You may want to use pins to hold the fabric in place as you quilt. 16.11.2016 - You all asked for it, so here you go! Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Victoria Martinez Azaro , Always fingerpress thoroughly or press with an iron before quilting, so that you are sure the log is all the way open. Sep 5, 2017 - On Saturday I went to a quilt-as-you-go class at Picture Patchwork in Latrobe. This medium sized tote is perfect for using as a purse or for carrying books, projects, or class materials. Quilt a line of stitching in the middle of both pieces. Begin with a square of low-loft batting, about 15" or larger. I trimmed along that medium brown text log. Click here to see my finished Scrappy Log Cabin QAYG. Lay out your blocks, make sure they are all the same size. Once you have sewn five pieces you can start cutting your strips a bit narrower for extra variety, otherwise keep to the 3 inches width. Kingfisher Stitch-Along: Joining Diamonds, Kingfisher Stitch-Along: Cutting Diamonds. Fold one block over the other. Joining quilted log cabin blocks without sashing Log cabin blocks can't be sashed if you want to make a traditional pattern. Quilt as you Go Log Cabin. Quilt As You Go Log Cabin Page 7 Step 8. To check the accuracy of your work, you can use a clear ruler to measure from the seamline to the raw edge of an outer log. There were only 3 other ladies in the class so it was nice and quiet and relaxing. Check out this super easy step by step tutorial. Apr 14, 2019 - It's my month to lead the quilt for the Love circle of do. Silly me forgot to take my camera! Click Here to check out all the quilting tutorials to see how all three quilts were made. Make it easier to quilt your entire quilt using this quilt-as-you-go method. Joining the rows together to make the top… First, let me say here that I’m not a ‘pinner’. Cut (2) 2.5" squares. When you reach the edges of your batting square (it will be in a diagonal format) you can start to think about the framing. With quilt-as-you-go you cannot square up your work as you are sewing, since you don't want to cut off the batting foundation. quilt in half and align the fold with a line on a cutting mat grid. p.s. Using coordinating thread, quilt the first two squares as desired. And, I got to thinking that this is such a great quilt project for new quilters. Repeat the process of sewing, pressing and quilting as you go with the four blue stripes. Even with careful sewing, things can get a little off. Check out our gallery of machine quilting designs here. The log cabin block is a favorite of quilters everywhere because the options are unlimited! Now that your block is complete, it's time to square it up and cut off the excess batting. Patterns are printed on 80/20 cotton/poly wadding Automatically quilt as you sew Use charm squares and pre cut 2.5 inch strips or your fabric stash The finished mug mat is approximately 8.5 x 10.5 inches. All of these quilts were specifically designed to machine quilt on a home machine with a walking foot: We pieced and quilted Marvelous Mosaic, Prism Path, and the Rainbow Log Cabin quilt during the 2018 Walking Foot Quilt Along. For this look, start quilting at about a 1/2" from the just-created seamline and continue quilting outwards until you get close to the raw edge. This method is called quilt as you go and this tutorial will show you how to make a wonderful quilt as you go log cabin quilt. You'd think I'd try to be clever, like my outstanding circle mates, and come up with something unique for us to do. This log should completely cover the squares. You can make your blue strips extra wide so your quilt is finished with the blue framing. Be careful to cut your logs accurately to help keep things square. Magazines & More. With both cuts flush with lines on your cutting mat, measure and cut the remaining 2 sides so that the block is 14.5"square. Place one piece on top of the squares, right sides together, matching raw edges. i prefer the rotary cutter. The log pairs keep increasing by 2". A log cabin quilt is a quilt that is made of one big log cabin block or many little log cabin blocks. If you have several blocks you can do chain piecing. Quilt as you go is a technique that allows you to sew the blocks and do the quilting at the same time. Need quilting ideas? Enjoy this classic quilt block! This one is especially for all my facebook followers – I wouldn’t be blogging and pushing myself to learn new techniques if it weren’t for your support.
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