For more Cycling or other equipment reviews, please browse our website. No ratings or reviews yet No ratings or reviews yet. It's also offered in 155mm. It is also critical that the durability of the product has really been put to the test, there’s no point in investing in a bit of kit based on a 5 minute review, that’s why our Cycling research looks for in-depth tests on each individual piece of kit, almost to the point of destruction, or past it on the odd occasion! If this is an issue, the Phenom Expert with its round titanium rails may be a better option. Phenom Pro Elaston | The Phenom Pro Elaston was designed to allow its outer-edge to conform to your body for a near-custom fit. The result? The Phenom Pro MTB saddle with round contours simplifies weight shifting behind the saddle, while the medium padding is designed for long-distance comfort. Others struggle for comfort, forever seeking that Holy Grail. Its titanium rails bump the weight to 248g and the price down to $130 / £TBC / AU$175. Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston. Shape wise, there’s a slight kick at the tail, but the length is otherwise mostly flat. At least until I found the Specialized Phenom – which for me, just works. There’s a perceptible difference between the two when riding technical trails, and the 143mm is better suited to that task. Specialized Sitero Expert Gel Triathlon Saddle - Black. The new Specialized Phenom Pro is highly comfortable, supportive, lightweight and without short snagging potential. Part No. Phenom Pro Elaston. Already have an account with us? Condition - as new. I'm using the Power Pro model in a 143mm width. Likewise, there’s nothing stopping you from using this saddle on the road. 0 évaluations. The key attributes we look at in our product research are performance, durability, ease of use and many other important factors to ensure that your Cycling experience, whether for leisure or business purposes, is as productive and stress free as possible. If you own this product please also add your own opinion by completing an owners review. The result? My Settings. Learn more. The Phenom Pro is a mountain bike saddle that's designed with our Adaptive Edge base construction, allowing the outer-edge to conform to your body for a near-custom fit. Make sure you’re getting the best possible price and from a trusted source too, click the see full review button above for our recommendation Once you’ve read the sales copy for the Specialized Power Pro Elaston Saddle 2020 143mm the next logical step is to search online for some in-depth product reviews, and in particular it’s worth looking for trusted sources on Cycling, which is hopefully why you’ve ended up here! To start we focused on ensuring that it's very lightweight which led to the design's inclusion of a stiff FACT carbon shell with durable titanium rails. Best Selling in Saddles & Seats. : Please select an option. Our tester finds off-road perch perfection. … Where saddles often suffer from being too firm or overly soft, the Phenom seems to have found the Goldilocks medium. So many people ride whatever came with the bike and are none the wiser. Search the internet for independent product reviews from trusted sources like us Lightweight and expertly tuned for stiffness and efficiency the Phenom features a rounded anti-snag tail and the perfect amount of padding for mountain riding. There’s a neat tool roll (not included) that bolts in place, A view at the stub nose and channel up front, If you’re planning to buy the S-Works or Pro version, just beware that the carbon rails need a 7x9mm oversized rail compatible seatpost clamp, Making winter cycling comfortable takes research and time (but it’s worth it), Specialized Grail short finger gloves review, All conditions Cross Country Cyclo-cross Marathon Off Road Road. item 2 Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle Black 143mm 2 - Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle Black 143mm. Thank you, Your review has been submitted for review. A low friction material is also used to further aid and ease pedaling. For this tester, it has become the go-to choice, AUD $250.00 The Power line includes several models, with the Pro model shown featuring hollow titanium rails, a carbon shell, and minimal padding. The Phenom Compscored well in our durability metric. En stock (1) Faire un choix: * Ajouter au panier Informations. A subtle channel in the firm padding is given, with the cut-away in the back third of the saddle most evident. Thanks! Add To Cart. See how the Specialized Phenom Comp rates and read other Saddle reviews. A great addition to the new Phenom S-Works and Pro saddles is the SWAT compatibility. The Phenom Pro is a mountain bike saddle that's designed with our Adaptive Edge base construction, allowing the outer-edge to conform to your body for a near-custom fit. Despite the firm shell, the Adaptive Edge base does flex at the edges of the saddle. FEATURES. The good news is that following our highly critical research, we believe that the Specialized Power Pro Elaston Saddle 2020 143mm is a good piece of kit and the even better news is that we’ve found it available for the brilliant low price of just £190, simply click the button to find customer reviews on the Cyclestore website where you can purchase the item on the same page. Phenom Pro Elaston. The seat cover material appears very durable and shows no signs of wear despite hundreds of miles of pedaling abuse… 5. Be the first to write a review. Carbon rails feature an oval shape, just so you know. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Saddles & Seats . The feeling off sitting on 1 000 miniature pillows rather than one piece of foam. Power transfer is excellent, and the flat shape and smooth cover allow for easy position changes. Those differences also mean a price difference of $100. Offering a desirable connection to any bike, the Specialized Power Pro Elaston Saddle has been developed and honed, alongside Specialized's Body Geometry specialists, to present a saddle that performs exceptionally well in supporting the rider throughout an array of riding conditions.. Peering across the width, the saddle noticeably curves after the point of sit-bone contact for a smooth and uninterrupted pedaling motion. Note how smooth the edges are to prevent short catching, Side on, the Phenom Pro offers smooth edges and a simple aesthetic, Specialized FACT carbon rails save weight – but watch out for seatpost compatability, The saddle rails are made as a single piece; they’re extremely strong and well suited to off-road use, The Phenom is available in both 143mm and 155mm widths. Due to the stricter legal restrictions in place to protect consumers, the manufacturer of the goods now has to be much more careful about any claims they make in their sales literature, to the extent that they can provide practical evidence in the case it ever needs to stand up in court, this is particularly relevant to the American market.
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